The Benefits of Short-Stay

Making the decision to put your investment property up for short-stay rental can be a rewarding one. But owners should understand all the details before getting started. Here at HostKeep, we pride ourselves on making the transition to short-stays as efficient and enjoyable as possible. So what are the benefits from going short-stay and working with the HostKeep team? Read on…


One of the great parts about moving away from traditional long-term rental contracts is the flexibility in deciding who stays and when. Those rigid 12-month leases are a thing of the past. No need to worry whether your tenants will be paying rent – with HostKeep, your guest payments are collected immediately after the stay commences and paid into your account within a week of the end-of-month.

Friends or relatives coming to stay? Simply block out a few nights in the calendar and put them up for the weekend. Try doing that with a traditional rental

Work with the best short-stays team in the market

Hosting guests can be extremely rewarding but many owners don’t understand the full complexity or responsibility this requires. What happens when a guest shows up 2 hours late? How do you keep your listing at the top of search results? Which pricing structure will guarantee the best balance between highest occupancy and most lucrative nightly rate?

Owners who work with the HostKeep team avoid all this pain. We have worked hard to put the people, processes, and systems in place to ensure maximum returns for no more effort than leasing your property through a traditional long-term rental manager. We respond to all owner and guest queries within hours; not days, and we are acutely aware of the importance of reliable cash flow.

More rental cash flow

Invariably the first question we hear from potential hosts is

“how much money can I make for putting my property on Airbnb?”.

 Clearly, the answer is “it depends!”. Many factors will influence how much you can charge on a nightly basis and a range of factors including high and low seasons, major events, and school holidays will impact occupancy demand. That said, the HostKeep team experience means we capitalise on supply and demand. By dynamically pricing properties, we push rates up to take full advantage of busy times, while easing rates down during quieter times to keep occupancy levels strong.

Prior to taking on any new property, we complete a full market scan of comparable properties in the area to gain a detailed understanding of the realistic short-stay potential for your property. Want to know how much you can make? Get in touch!

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