Short-stay vs. traditional long term rental

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"Will I make more than I'm currently earning if I move to short-stay managed by you guys?" It's a pretty simple question and one we are often asked by our clients, and almost universally our response is: "well it depends.." At HostKeep, whilst we believe there are many great non-financial reasons for property owners to consider short-stay

Why do Australian owners wait to go cash flow positive?

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There are a couple of things you can hand-on-heart say Australians love. We love beautiful weather and lamb on the barbie. We love beating the Poms at cricket. And we really love negative gearing our investment property. Negative gearing myopia It’s one of the most major tax issues in the country with many warning that buying for

Automating Airbnb’s message & booking system

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Whether you manage a single property, or 60 (like HostKeep does), keeping on top of guest messaging is a critically important part of the gig. Guest expect near real-time communication, and Airbnb is happy to penalise Hosts who take too long to respond. With all this pressure it can often be an overwhelming and frustrating

The Benefits of Short-Stay

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Making the decision to put your investment property up for short-stay rental can be a rewarding one. But owners should understand all the details before getting started. Here at HostKeep, we pride ourselves on making the transition to short-stays as efficient and enjoyable as possible. So what are the benefits from going short-stay and working with

Rental regulations & disruption (Can I host guests at my place?)

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The gig economy is starting to radically reform a bunch of traditional services. We no longer catch a cab – we Uber instead. Outsourcing is no longer something huge banks invest millions to facilitate. We simply write briefs that freelancers pounce on and turn it around within hours for cheap. And hotels... well if you're reading this, you're aware of what's