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Project Description

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2 bedroom | 2 bathroom apartment, South Bank

Our client had heard short-stay rentals could deliver more but was nervous about getting started.

Our client has previously listed their apartment as a long-term rental but was seeking greater flexibility and better turns. When they first contacted HostKeep they believed there might be an opportunity in switching, but wasn’t sure how to get started. HostKeep supported them at every step in the process, including:

  • Using our unique market insight to calculate occupancy and expected returns
  • Discussing furnishing alternatives to provide the best guest experience
  • Working closely to define a pricing strategy to maximise occupancy and nightly rates
  • Setting up little extras like Netflix accounts, and bespoke guest guides.

We a proud to say the owner has been exceptionally happy with our services and with the property returns, and we look forward to a long relationship into the future.


Management period

From October 2015


Melbourne property investor


Full-service property management

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Living Room
Living room 3

HostKeep’s management services takes care of all aspects of the guest experience so you can be totally hands-off. Our services here include:


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