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Project Description

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1 bedroom | 1 bathroom apartment, Brunswick

Our client had a previous negative experience with long-term term tenants and was seeking a better way.

In contacting HostKeep our client was able to understand our process and approach and was pleased to discover we not only offered the safety of a commercial tenant but also provided the opportunity for above market returns.

Partnering with HostKeep our client achieved:

  • Guaranteed, above-market rental returns
  • A commercial tenant who understands the critical importance of timely rent payments
  • Lower costs (no agent commissions)
  • Frequent condition reports and property inspections
  • Speedy resolution to any maintenance issues or property damage (fixing problems before they get worse)
  • Regular, professional cleaning
  • Tax and income reporting

We also negotiated the ability for the owner to stay at the property up to 10 days every 12 months, at a 50% discount on the advertised rate.


Management period

From October 2015


Melbourne property investor


Full-service property management

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