Airbnb beefs up insurance for Aussie owners

Great news for Aussie hosts – Airbnb has finally included Australia as an eligible country for its primary insurance offering.

Regardless of what insurance coverage owners currently hold, Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance now provides primary coverage for hosts and landlords against liability claims of up to $1m AUD for any accidents that might occur during a stay.

This will help reduce concerns about what could happen if a guest slips in the shower and breaks a wrist, or accidentally injures a third-party during their stay.

It is on top of the existing Airbnb $1m Host Guarantee which provides owners protection from malicious damage claims that cannot be resolved directly with the guest.

HostKeep welcomes this as a step in the right direction by Airbnb. However, we also believe that the best insurance is having the best people take care of your property. We also note that Airbnb’s insurance does not comprehensively cover the entire property so hosts should continue to be aware of their liability for cleaners and tradespeople in between stays.

We take safety seriously at HostKeep, which means we are covered for comprehensive workers compensation and public liability in the event anything unexpected does occur.

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